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Roadmap 2016
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F. Randall (Randy) Farmer
Community Strategic Analyst, Yahoo!, Inc.

Randy brings his extensive experience to advise Yahoo!’s plans for developing and supporting online communities, focusing on next-generation identity/privacy, reputation and groups technologies and open APIs. For more than 30 years, he has been designing, building and managing online social media systems and related platform technologies. Randy co-created one of the first message boards, the first Star Trek multi-user (text) game, the first graphical virtual worlds with avatars and virtual currencies, the first online information marketplace, the first fully distributed virtual world platform (before P2P), the first no-plugin web session platform (before AJAX), and the Yahoo! 360° community service. He has a deep interest in community and communication dynamics, identity and reputation systems, intellectual property issues, avatars and creativity, all wrapped up in a security blanket.
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