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Marty Poulin
Co-founder and CTO, Yoick;
Former Director of Online Technology, Disney Interactive Studios

Marty brings over 20 years of innovation, management and engineering experience to Yoick a company creating a peer-to-peer social media platform for the metaverse. Yoick combines a number of technologies to challenge and lead the market in a bold new direction.

Marty leverages extensive experience architecting online social platforms for market leaders such as Disney, Sony and leading edge startups as well as previous experience in control systems. Marty comes most recently as Director of Online Technology from Disney's Interactive Studios and previously Sony's SCE-RT online technology platform group supporting the PS2/PS3 and PSP.

An aspiring aerospace engineer, Marty started college at age 16 during the introduction of the IBM PC and BITNET. This resulted in an addiction to computer programming and late night forays into BITNET, online chat, MUD's and creating his own game on the Vic 20.

After a tour in the Air Force, Marty focused on engineering robust fault tolerant systems in the roles of lead engineer, Director of R&D, consultant and eventually his own company. He developed lines of control systems including portable gas chromatograph and joystick driving system for the disabled.

In 1999 Marty was once again drawn in by games and networking, at the startup Playnet, taking the role of lead programmer and eventually Chief of Technology Development while creating Playnet's shardless distributed virtual world technology for the virtual battlefield simulation/game World War II Online.

Marty maintains interests in distributed trust/reputation networks, data/event driven architectures, AntiCheat/Security (published article in MMP Game Dev2) as well as agile development practices. He has also chaired, coordinated and participated in a number committees including the IGDA's Artificial Intelligence Interface Standards Committee (ASIIC).

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