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Barnabás Takács, Ph.D.
Founder, Digital Elite;
Director of Virtual Human Group at SZTAKI, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Takács is the Founder/President of Digital Elite Inc (, a Los Angeles-based animation company specialized in developing a high performance portable virtual reality and digital human animation platform called the Virtual Human Interface (VHI).

The VHI forms the foundation of a large variety of novel real-time applications where a new generation of input/output devices, digital environments and virtual humans create an interactive experience.

Examples include virtual reality therapy, clinical rehabilitation, ambient intelligence, interactive information kiosks as well as classical applications such as pre-visualization for film, games and location-based entertainment.

Dr.Takács has spent the much of his career developing the necessary technology to bring high-fidelity virtual humans to life. His experience includes computer vision, facial tracking, 3D modeling, animation and deformation systems, real-time lighting and rendering as well as virtual reality. In 1999, as the Director of R&D, he helped create the first ever Digital Clone for film by bringing the late move star Marlene Dietrich “back to life”. He published over 55 scientific papers and lectures extensively around the world discussing the scientific foundation, technological trends, the business environment and most importantly the ethical and legal issues of virtual human technology. Dr.Takács is member of ACM, IEEE, IFIP, NJSZT, SIGGRAPH, and local professional organizations.
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